In a world of negativity online, take one day to make a difference.

In a world of negativity online, take one day to make a difference.


Join the movement.

February 26, 2019


Take action

Here are five ways you can make social media more likeable.

  1. Pay a compliment on Instagram.

  2. Promote someone else’s work on Twitter.

  3. Share gratitude for people on Facebook.

  4. Give a recommendation on LinkedIn.

  5. Say sorry, thanks, or anything nice online.


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Sign the pledge

"I pledge to commit at least one act of kindness on social media on February 26th.”


Our mission

Social media was supposed to enrich our lives and bring us closer, but in recent years, it’s grown toxic and divisive. In an age when cyberbullying, fake news, and negative headlines dominate, this is our chance, through individual acts of kindness, to collectively change the world.

#BeLikeableDay, February 26th, is a global movement dedicated to making social media a more positive environment. On this day, organizations and individuals will take a moment to do at least one act of kindness online—whether that’s sharing a compliment on Instagram or thanking a friend on Facebook. Instead of clicking the like button, let’s actually make social media more likeable.

Social media has made it easier than ever to spread hate—but it’s just as easy to spread joy.



Our partners

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Did you know acts of kindness can improve your wellbeing?

  • Reduce your stress levels. A study by Yale and UCLA demonstrates that when we help others, we help ourselves.

  • Lower your blood pressure. Acts of kindness release a hormone called oxytocin, which dilates the blood vessels.

  • Give yourself an energy boost. Research has shown that helping others can lead to a “helper’s high,” along with enhanced feelings of energy and strength.


    Join the celebration

    We’re hosting a #BeLikeableDay celebration and book signing with best-selling authors. All attendees who commit an act of kindness with #BeLikeableDay will receive a FREE coffee or tea.

    When: February 26th 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

    Where: Barnes & Noble 555 Fifth Ave. New York, NY

    • Jeffrey Hayzlett, The Hero Factor

    • Elaine Pofeldt, The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business

    • Wendy Sachs, Fearless and Free

    • Chester Elton, The Best Team Wins

    • Ann Shoket, The Big Life

    • Michelle Lederman, The Connector’s Advantage

    • Dave Kerpen, Likeable Social Media

    • Brittany Hennessy, Influencer

    • Shane Snow, Dream Teams

    • Carrie Kerpen, Work It

    • Allison Yarrow, 90s Bitch

    • Dan Schawbel, Back to Human


    The third edition of the New York Times bestseller is launching on #BeLikeableDay.